Thursday, 10 February 2011

680 views Yaayyyyy :-)

This is just great! Lace and Ladders has had 680 views since its launch on January 12th... We are so happy for this progress and ask you to continue visiting the blog, commenting and please please don't forget to tell your friends about it.  Our intention is to showcase our styling projects, however so far we have only presented our 'Modern Hippie' shoot.  We do have two shoots; block colour and fantasy coming soon.  So please stay tuned and look out for them.  Thanks again guys x


  1. congratulations!! great photos on your blog!

  2. I've just started blogging as well.

    Would you like to folllow each other, looking forward to what else you have in store..x

  3. love love love your blog! so inspiring :) defenetly following ;)


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