Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Now I look forward to Chanel every fashion week, i love the classic feminine feel in there clothing it portrays elegant sophistication and is suitable for all ages, which i think is amazing. However after seeing the latest show I was actually quite horrified. Since when was it okay to mix Chanel with denim?????!!!!!
I get the concept, "The world is a dark place," and i appreciate that Karl was maybe trying to think outside the box, but Chanel should stay in the box, there box was a good box! 

AND the jumpsuits!!! They look like mechanic suits made out of tweed!!! Karl, i'm sorry but what was you thinking!!! See for yourself!! Feel free to disagree with me.....

Now these Chanel ooks below are amazing, i love them, this is the kind of thing you would expect from Chanel and this is what we, well I love about Chanel....would you not agree???


  1. thanks for your comment!ok!let's follow each other! I'm your newest follower!xx

  2. maybe im a bad person but chanel just makes me go 'shmeh' most of the time...i only look at it for the shoes, tweed jackets and bags...and thats it... chanel = biggest 'shmeh' of the year!


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