Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Basically the purpose of this blog is to develop our styling skills. so every week we are going to try and update you with an editorial shoot.  Now of course we are not just going to limit ourselves purely to just editorials and include other aspects of our fashion journey.  We are trying to get into many different styling paths such as wardrobe, celebrity, commercial etc.

Sorry did I mention we are two students, go by the names of Jade and Alicia and we go to UCA rochester university and study fashion promotion.  So our blog is just to help us create a following as we know it is very hard to break into the fashion industry so we thought we would start from scotch and attempt to promote ourselves.

We are always open to new ideas, so if anyone wants to get involved e.g. have your collection featured, photograph a shoot.

Anyway can you please support what we are trying to do by sharing the blog with a friend, and i hope you enjoy! :)

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